2018/2019 Selection & Awarding Updates

Updated 07/17/18

Please follow your school through our Selection & Awarding Process below.

Notice to Applicants:

  • Applicants selected as candidates will receive an email from Stars Scholarship Fund prompting them to check their Stars account.
  • Once you receive this email and you log in, you will see the Award Details of the offer and have a link to a PDF of your Award Letter.
  • You must download the letter, print out the Acceptance Form, sign it (hand written signature) and return it to us. Do Not Mail it back. 
  • Candidates have 1 week to accept the scholarship offer. Offers not accepted within the deadline are considered a forfeit of the offer and the offer will be rescinded. We will select an alternate recipient in such cases. 
  • Acceptance Forms must be returned via fax, email or uploaded. Do not mail. Follow the instructions provided on award letter. 
  • If you received an Award offer and you need to transfer schools or make any changes, you must send us a Recipient Update Request Form
  • Candidates are not officially recipients until Stars has received signed Acceptance Forms within the assigned deadline.
  • If your school is listed below in Step 4 and you do not see a "Congratulations" notice on your status, you were not selected to receive a scholarship at this time. We do not send out regret notices. Note that if a candidate forfeits their scholarship offer, we will select an alternate recipient.
  • As indicated on the signed Certification Form submitted by each application on #13, the Stars Scholarship is not guaranteed to anyone, including past recipients.

Step 4

Candidates have accepted awards and all deadlines have passed for:




·        Our Lady of the Lake University

·         University of Texas Health -  San Antonio

·         University of the Incarnate Word

·         El Paso Community College

·        Texas A&M University - Corpus Christi

·         Texas A&M International University

·         General Schools


Step 3

Candidates from the following schools have been confirmed, notified and award letters have been posted to accounts:




·        University of Texas Rio Grande Valley

·         The University of Texas at Austin

·         Texas Tech University

·         Schreiner University

·        Del Mar College

·        The University of Texas at San Antonio

·         St. Mary's University 


Step 2

Candidates have been recommended to the school. The school is now reviewing candidate recommendations for:




·         St. Mary's University School of Law

·         South Texas College

·         Laredo Community College

·         The University of Texas at El Paso


Step 1

Stars is scoring applicants and preparing list of candidates recommendations for:




·         Texas A&M University

·         Texas A&M University - Kingsville

·         Texas State Technical College

·         Texas State University