Signed Certification and Release Form

This form has terms of the scholarship outlined and we require that every applicant sign the form indicating that they understand all the terms outlined.

Hard copy applicants: This form is the last page (section 5).

Online applicants: You will be asked to electronically sign this document before you submit your application using your last 4 digits of your SSN. 

For your convenience, here is the Certification and Release Form if there is somehow an error with any of the above options.

We must have a hand-written/ink signature to be accepted.

Please do not type in your name in the signature line.

You can send this document via:

  • Fax to: 956-928-0327 (Print, fill out, Sign and Send)
  • Email to: (Print, fill out, sign, scan* and send)
  • Mail to: Stars Scholarship Fund, P.O. Box 3068, McAllen, TX 78502-3068 (Print, fill out, Sign and Send)
  • Upload via Stars account (Print, fill out, sign and scan*), see instructions here (This option only available until 3/31 at 5pm CST)

*If you do not have the means to scan the document, It is also acceptable for you to take a picture of the document and send us the image.

Acceptable file types: GIF, JPG, PNG, BMP, PDF

Do not send us links to download the document, we will not open them.