Frequently Asked Questions

For Current Recipients

Do I need to send you verification of enrollment?

No, we contact the school directly to verify enrollment.

When do funds get disbursed?

Funds are disbursed after we have verified enrollment. We send a list of our recipients to schools on the 12th day of class, once the school returns the list with the information we need, we process a check. The processing time varies, depending on how long the school takes to respond and if we have questions once we receive verifications back. We do our best to process checks within 1 week of receiving the list.

What if I am transferring schools?

As indicated on your award letter, you must inform us as soon as possible if you are transferring. You do this by sending us an Update Request Form. We will not update your record without this form. The ideal situation is that you inform us prior to the semester starting.Remember, once you leave the school where you were offered your scholarship, it will affect your award, please review your award letter carefully for notes on transferring.

What if I am not enrolled full-time?

For recipients at a Community College – we will reduce your award to part-time if you are enrolled 6+ hours. If you drop below that, your scholarship will be withdrawn.

For recipients at a University – if you are not enrolled full-time (12+ hours) your scholarship will be withdrawn. We do make a few exceptions, see what those are here.

I only received half of my disbursement for the semester?

If you are a recipient under our matching program, you must remember that part of the program is that Stars funds a part of your scholarship and your school funds the other part. Some schools may apply the full amount at once and some schools might apply the portions separately. Please review your entire financial aid package properly. If you indeed have not received your entire disbursement, contact us and we will assist you with the situation.

I don't need funds for Fall or Spring, can I use funds in Summer?

The Stars Scholarship Fund scholarship does not cover Summer semesters. The offer made to you as indicated on your award letter is the final offer.

Do I need to apply next year?

Yes, if you want to be considered for the next academic year, you MUST apply again. Remember we do not give any precedence to prior recipients, the process is extremely competitive and you must reapply each year for consideration.