Employee Giving Campaign

An Employee Giving Campaign is an easy and efficient way to make tax-deductible donations to charities through payroll contributions. Your company and its employees have the power to change the life of a student in our community by providing a much-needed stream of donations to Stars Scholarship Fund.

In 2016, Stars Scholarship Fund awarded 1,051 scholarships to students from our community. All of the scholarship recipients are deserving students; however this cohort of scholarship recipients only represented 15.08% of our applicants. There were more than 5,916 students we were not able to help.

As students struggle to fill the gap in their financial need for college, our scholarships mean the difference in whether a student chooses to enroll in the next semester or not.

With that said, Stars Scholarship Fund realizes that we must work year-round and beyond our annual Extravaganzas to raise more funds. The number of scholarships we are able to award each year is directly related to the funds we are able to raise.

Every dollar counts! $50 per year will assist a student from our community attend college and $1,000 per year will pay for a scholarship for a full academic year for a full-time undergraduate or graduate student from our community.


100% of your donation will be applied to scholarships for students in our community.
There are few non-profit charities that can say that.
Not one penny will go to our organization's overhead or operating expenses.

100% of your donation will be matched dollar for dollar by an institution of higher education.
Stars Scholarship Fund is fortunate to have partnerships with 22 colleges and universities from
across the State of Texas that serves students from our community. 

(List of matching schools)

As a grass-roots non-profit organization, we have the ability to adapt our program to fit the needs of each business and organization partner.

Benefits of an Employee Giving Campaign include:

  • Meet your organization's philanthropic goals.
  • Build trust and increase goodwill among your customers and employees by giving back to the community.
  • Offer a simple, convenient, and efficient way for your employees to support the community and causes they believe in.
  • Provide information about our scholarship to employees so that they can get assistance for themselves, their friends or their family to attend college.
  • If you are a School District, this program can go directly to assist graduates from your district attend college.


For companies that are interested in participating, we have available:

  • A guide to campaign and our organization for administrators
  • A Power Point presentation directed to employees
  • Employee Pledge Forms
  • Stars Scholarship Fund promotional items to use as incentives for employees
  • Letter to employees
  • Poster/Fact Sheet for employees

 A representative of Stars Scholarship Fund is also available to meet with you to address any questions or concerns and to present directly to employees.

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