Transfer Instructions

As indicated on your award letter, you must inform us as soon as possible if you are transferring.

You do this by sending us an Update Request Form. You will need to fill out, sign and return this form to us via email or fax. Please do not mail. We will not update your record without this form. The ideal situation is that you inform us prior to the semester starting.

Remember, once you leave the school where you were offered your scholarship, it will affect your award, please review your award letter carefully for notes on transferring, specifically bullet points 8 & 9:

8.  I understand that I am responsible for contacting Stars before the semester begins should I decide to transfer to another college; 

9.  I understand that if I should not enroll at «school name» and/or do not meet the above GPA or enrollment criteria; Stars will cancel or forfeit my scholarship award. I understand that if I transfer out of this school my scholarship amount will be adjusted and I will only be able to take the Stars portion of the scholarship with me to my new school;

Email the Update Request Form to:

Fax the Update Request Form to: 956.928.0327